Introductions are always a little awkward. I can turn a 30-second elevator chat into a three hour visit. Sometimes this is because I am feeling triumphant over my social anxiety, but often it is because I don't when to stop. the. talking. My Dad points the finger at me when talking about my twin brother's need for childhood speech therapy. 

I married my farmer-husband, Garrett, 5 years ago. Most days, I have to stop and think *really hard* about how many years it has already been. We are still a young couple, I think. Unless you measure by the hot new singers, actors or athletes that are 15 years younger than I am. 

Garrett and I have a beautiful, funny, inquisitive, ROWDY, daughter who was born three and a half months too soon in March of 2012. Jolie Girl is the reason I began writing in the first place. My first blog was way for me to keep our family up to date, but writing quickly became a coping skill.

If you would like to read more about our journey to bring Jolie home, start here

Jolie is now two years old. (!) She is healthy and exceptional. God gets every ounce of glory for that. Writing here is now so much more than sharing Jolie's story. And as she's become her own little person I want to make sure I don't write her story for her. Instead, I now write about anything and everything that I enjoy or pretend to be good at. I wrestle and celebrate here. I do hope that one day Jolie will read my ramblings and get a fuller picture of who her momma is. 

Along with loving Jesus, my farmer-husband Garrett, and our Jolie Girl… I love to tell stories, cook, read, shop online and attempt to make our home more organized. I am in love with and partner with Noonday Collection. I also boss myself around and earn a paycheck by helping small businesses communicate with their customers through words and graphic design.

If you would like, read my post, Why I finally decided to blog.  I wrote this three days before Jolie was born and it is probably the best way to describe where I pray my heart is each time I show up here.  Words can discourage or they can encourage… and I hope I can be an encourager to you. 


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